Getting Started with Books To Believe In

Getting started with Books To Believe In begins with a reading of your book so we can deliver to you a "State of Readiness Report". So many authors publish their book without an industry professional ever looking at it and so many of their mistakes are aired in the reviews of their books. This can be devastating for the author, when most all of those mistakes could be avoided with a read-through by someone who knows the publishing industry's requirements, standards and pitfalls.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars publishing a book through a print on demand publisher, start with a $500 investment to find out if your book is ready for publication. After reading your book, we will work with you to make sure that you have the confidence in your project and you will know that your book is 'good enough' to invest your hard-earned money in. We look for edit mistakes, plot holes, inconsistencies, ambiguities, overused words and many other types of errors that authors can't see after spending so much time on their book project. We will read your book, and create the Readiness report, and explain to you the next steps of publishing your book - with us or with someone else.

We will also give you a marketing instructions report with a list of things to do to get yourself ready for the marketing tasks ahead.
This will include social media instructions, hashtag strategies and much much more.

Begin this journey, by submitting your book to us. It will take us about 2 weeks to return the manuscript with our marks and our reports to you.

  • Step 1 - Submit your manuscript (this page)
  • Step 2 - Submit your payment (next page)

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