Dear Terry,

We met at the Estes Park Art Fair the other day. We are LucidYOUniverse which is the booth with the photographic images mosaiced across hardboard tiles. You gave me your e-mail address and said that your daughter loved peacocks and the Patriots. Below are some images we can do of peacocks and below them are the images we can do for the Pats. Please let me know what you would like by filling the form below and we will create the products for you. Our phone number is: 720.879.3495 if you would like to consult on more types of pictures as well.



  1. Image 1.1
  2. Image 1.2
  3. Image 1.3
  4. Image 1.4


  1. Image 2.1
  2. Image 2.2
  3. Image 2.3

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